Alumni Association

Once Moneythink mentors graduate from university, they become a part of our alumni network that strives to make financial capability a norm by 2030. Our Alumni Association is the vehicle through which they continue their valuable work as advocates for financial education.

The Moneythink Alumni Network is a composed of young, dedicated professionals promoting financial education across the United States.

Read more about their work on the Alumni Association website, or find your nearest alumni regional center on the map below!

Kara Zucker

Chicago, IL

Kelly Carlquist

New York, NY

Tess Sadowsky

Los Angeles, CA

Shashin Chokshi

San Francisco, CA

Mary Margaret Johnson

Washington, D.C.

Jon Stephens

Boston, MA

Diego Gonzalez-Medina

Seattle, WA

Ben May

Jackson, MS

Moneythink 2015 Graduating Mentors

Congratulations to all of Moneythink’s graduating mentors! The work of these individuals has positively influenced hundreds of lives across the country. We look forward to continuing our mission with these outstanding changemakers and soon-to-be alumni in the Moneythink movement.

Carnegie Mellon University

Danielle McKinney

Chapman University

Alyssa Caban
Chloe Lloyd
Jade Gilley

Claremont Colleges

Larkin Sheldon
Sarah Johnston

Columbia University

Daniel Haugestad Pedersen

Loyola University

Ayman Moussally
Matthew Rayner
Samantha Jarvis

Northwestern University

Alex Domash
Alexander Olivo
Christopher McKinney
Devashish Singal
Eleanor Jacobs
Forest Polchow
Kancana Dasgupta
Nicholas McQuinn
Nikita Ramanujam
Romain Sinclair

Stanford University

Camille Seitz-Cherner
Chad Mitchell
Eliza Lupone
Michael Dahl
Oscar Wong
Tamara Makonnen

Temple University

Khrystyna Oros
Mark Ricchini
Rachael Voluck

University of California, Los Angeles

Brianna Henderson
Helen Fung
Justin Frankel
Justin Tsang
Mengqiao Wang
Molly Tracy
Nicole Allen

University of Chicago

Megan Chen
Ruchi Mahadeshwar
Yusef Al-Jarani

University of Maryland

Nyana Quashie
Raaheela Ahmed

University of Michigan

Ken Leaton

University of Mississippi

Austin Yarber
Charles Edward Rainey, Jr.
Drayton Michael Neely
Eliott Lansdell
Elizabeth Wilcox
Jessica Taylor McKenzie
Virginia Holman
William Andrew Scott
Zachary Gugert

University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill

Graves Ganzert

University of Notre Dame

Albert He
Gregory Denis
Matthew Talent
Phillip-George Pryce
Renee Scire
Sydney Rebne

University of South Carolina

Chris Waller

University of Southern California

Blake Mason
Connor Gustafson
Morgan Muhonen
Raveena Lally
Vivek Krishnamurthy

Vanderbilt University

Dan Hickey
Karen Hays
Vivian Huang

Washington University in St. Louis

David Parker

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