Moneythink is the only movement of young people restoring the economic health of the United States through financial education. Learn more about our mission, vision, and values here.


We build the financial health of Americans by equipping youth and young adults to believe in themselves, navigate the financial decisions of adulthood, and achieve financial independence. Our innovative model gets young people excited about making smart financial decisions and starts them down the path toward economic success – in turn, generating a financial ripple effect through families and entire communities.


We envision a world in which: every youth and young adult, regardless of background, enters adulthood equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate the financial challenges of the real world; and every sector of society - from high school education to Washington to Wall Street - is led by fiscally and socially responsible leaders.

Core Values


We are not a teaching organization; we are a mentoring organization. We believe that true learning happens when it is initiated and led by the student, guided by the helping hand of a person the student admires and relates to. Our board and advisors mentor our staff; our staff, alumni, and professional partners mentor our volunteers; our volunteers mentor our students; and our students mentor us all.

Torchbearing Leadership

Moneythink’s organizational thought leadership rests on the shoulders of its leaders: every single one of us. Our national staff and board serve and lead the campus network to be unified in its vision and standardized in its procedures; our chapter leaders serve and lead their volunteers to be effective torchbearers of the Moneythink mission; our volunteers serve and lead their students through role-modeling and financial mentorship; and our students serve and lead themselves and their peers to achieve financial prosperity.

Data-Driven Innovation

We are not the first organization to use pop-culture curricula, offer mentorship, provide financial education, or mobilize college volunteers, but we are the first organization to combine these into a new approach. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we believe in leveraging insights from leading design and academic researchers as well as rigorously measured ones from our own experience to push the needle on innovation in our field. As a nimble and youthful organization, our charter is to innovate where larger, older organizations cannot.

Professional Conduct

The success of our mission depends on 100% attendance and accountability; effective and prompt communication; and tenacious follow-through. We hold our staff, volunteers, and students to a golden standard of professional conduct, supported by an unwavering sense of dignity, respect for self, and respect for others.


We are an organization committed to transcending limits, stereotypes, and geography through our belief in a shared humanity. True progress comes when we step into the shoes of another, open up about our own vulnerabilities, relate on common ground, and commit together to building a better future.

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