Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Moneythink below.

General Information

Where did the idea for Moneythink come from?

What's so exciting about financial education, anyway?

What makes Moneythink unique?

Who do you teach, and why?

What is the Moneythink curriculum?

How exactly does Moneythink measure its impact on students?

How does Moneythink keep track of its finances?


Why should donors support Moneythink?

College Students and Volunteers

How do college volunteers benefit from joining the Moneythink movement?

What traits does Moneythink look for in its college volunteers?

Do I really have enough experience to become a mentor?

Can I open a Moneythink chapter in my city?

Partner Schools

What is the benefit of bringing Moneythink to our school?

What does Moneythink look for in its partner schools?

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