Reports and Financials

Moneythink has one of the lowest-cost impact models in financial education. By leveraging the volunteer talent and university resources on campuses nationwide, Moneythink ensures financial sustainability at both the local and national level.

Amplified impact.

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2012-2013 Annual Report 2013-2014 Annual Report 2014-2015 Annual Report 2015-2016 Annual Report (New!)

A financially responsible nonprofit.

It would be quite ironic if our organization didn’t know how to budget, save, or difference between needs and wants. At Moneythink, financial responsibility is front-and-center. As a registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Tax ID#: 27-1052771), your donations are not only impactful–they’re tax-deductible!

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It takes a village.

Our eventual goal is to be a self-sustaining organization through alumni membership dues, corporate and educational partnerships, and curriculum and technology licensing. Until then, we depend on the generosity of donors to build a stable financial foundation for growth. Support from companies, foundations, and everyday philanthropists (just like you!) make our work possible.

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