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April 19, 2017

Hi Moneythinkers,


We’re excited to share Moneythink’s Annual Report for 2015-2016! We had an incredible year filled with great accomplishments we can’t wait to build off of in 2017.


We debuted two brand new apps to help our students. Moneythink Goals helps students set a goal, and create an action plan with regular check-ups to help achieve that goal. Moneythink College Calculator helps students prioritize their college options by accounting for cimstances that are most likely to lead to financial success and college completion.


We also published our first ever official research paper, the Financial Need and Ownership Report, in which we explore how students juggle school, personal life, and jobs while paying for college, and the impact that financial insecurity has on college persistence and success.


This summer, Moneythink also partnered with JPMorgan Chase and After School Matters (ASM) to introduce our inaugural Youth Employment Program. We worked with over 300 students who were receiving paychecks from After School Matters, and were able to significantly improve outcomes for cashing checks and for helping students reach their personal savings goals.


As always, our college chapter network continued to spread financial capability nationwide, reaching 2,300 high school students through almost 600 volunteer college mentors.


Looking ahead in 2017, Moneythink has committed itself to addressing college financial management, an issue that threatens many low-income and first-generation student’s chances of successfully graduating college.


And those are just the highlights! Read more about the great year we had in our full Annual Report here.

This post was written by Stephanie Sauer

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