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Chapter Spotlight: University of Iowa

January 30, 2017

The Des Moines Register recently published a story highlighting some of the work that University of Iowa (UI) Moneythink is doing around their campus. Business students from UI mentor around 90 students once a week on financial capability. The article featured commentary from one of the students that the chapter mentors. Dalia said “[the mentors] make it not boring” to talk about finances because they forge personal connections with their students. This helps to better provide them with the skills and confidence to make smart financial decisions. (Des Moines Register).

We reached out to one of the co-presidents of the UI Moneythink chapter, Taylor Palensky, to learn more about the work their chapter is involved in:


What about Moneythink gets you motivated?
“For me personally, and I think the rest of the team would agree, I love getting in the classroom and seeing the students’ faces light up. Whether we are playing a game or talking about credit cards, they are always excited to have college students in their lives and in the classroom. Throughout the year we have gotten the opportunity to build relationships with the students, and I love to hear about their successes and accomplishments.”

Are there any special events/workshops your chapter is involved in?
“We don’t have any special events planned at the moment. However, in the spring we would love to have a day where we have an Iowa City Moneythink workshop. We would love to get all the students from both of our partner schools together for the day on The University of Iowa Campus for team building, personal finance lessons, and fun. Plus, it would be a great opportunity for students to visit campus!”

Do you collaborate with any other organizations on campus?
“Our faculty advisor is also the advisor for Enactus which is an entrepreneurship organization. We are hoping to build a strong relationship with them so they can help us raise funds, and we can help them present projects at their conferences and competitions.”

What do you think makes your chapter unique?
“I think something that makes our chapter unique is the level of collaboration and input all of the mentors have. Almost everyone helps to prepare the lessons, or adapt a lesson if we think it would fit our group of students better. Two of our mentors, Elliott and Adam, even created a live monopoly-inspired game this semester to present budgeting, banking, and insurance topics in a really fun way! The students loved it.”


The UI chapter uses the core Moneythink curriculum, and in order to offer the most effective mentorship, has developed it to better fit the needs and interests of their chapter’s students. We’re so grateful for the transformative work that they do — they are the ground troops that affect real change in our communities by giving teens the skills, knowledge, and confidence to navigate the financial realities of college and adulthood. Thank you, Taylor and the rest of the University of Iowa Moneythink team!

To read more, check out the article that appeared in the Des Moines Register:

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This post was written by Stephanie Sauer

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