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Moneythink Launch Party

May 8, 2017

Hi Moneythinkers,

On Thursday, April 27th, we kicked off the next stage of Moneythink. We’re at a pivotal point in our organization’s history, and we’re excited to share where Moneythink is headed in the coming years.

Hosted at The Library in the Bank of America building, the Moneythink Launch Party brought together nearly 100 of our closest supporters and partners to reflect on our journey over the last 5 years and discuss where Moneythink is going next. Attendees were able to navigate different parts of the room that highlighted the research methods Moneythink applies to developing our programs, the financial stresses a student typically faces on their journey to college, and lastly, the work Moneythink is doing now to address those issues.

One of our co-founders, Greg Nance, started the evening’s program off with a call to action, sharing his relationship with Moneythink and the development of our mission. He introduced our keynote speaker, Shayne Evans, who spoke of his experience working with education in Chicago and with our CEO and co-founder, Ted Gonder. Ted concluded our program by introducing the debut of our newest video. Thank you to Daily Planet Productions for their amazing work! Watch it here.

By matching trained college counselors with remote high school students, we can address each student’s specific situations, and scale our impact across the country. Through this, we can provide students with the support they need to persist and succeed through their first years at college. “For Moneythink, it’s not just about getting to college. It’s about thriving there.”

We’re excited to share what the future of Moneythink looks like with you, our Moneythink community! Here are four things you can do to help support our mission and the students we work with:

1. Think of three key influencers in your network who can help us scale. These can be leaders of foundations, companies, media outlets, high schools, or youth nonprofits. Let us know who you’d like us to meet, and we’ll get it on the books.

2. Share our video with your network. It’s important that people everywhere begin to understand the financial barriers to college success for under-resourced, first-generation students, so that they too can join this mission.

3. Pledge to support us during back-to-school season this fall. It would mean the world to us and our students if you would make Moneythink a philanthropic priority this year, and into the future.

4. Help us grow our team. A final way you can help immediately is by spreading the job descriptions of our current open positions: Director of Coaching Programs, and two college coaches. As our co-founder, Greg Nance, says, “best team wins”…and the fate of our students is a game we cannot afford to lose.

Thank you to our corporate sponsor for the event, JPMorgan Chase, our food and beverage providers, Blue Plate Catering and Lagunitas Brewing, Co., and to our keynote speaker, Shayne Evans!

Economic opportunity starts with education, and we are trying to make that education available and attainable for the next generation of students. Join us on our mission.

This post was written by Stephanie Sauer

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