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MoneythinkMobile is a native smartphone application designed to build the financial capability of American youth.

Take the first challenge in the app, Snaptrack, for example. Designed to supplement an in-class lesson on mindful spending, Snaptrack asks students to take pictures of all of their #spending and #saving moments and then to annotate them with emojis and hashtags.

Snaptrack builds financial awareness as students realize where their spending money is going, often leading them to “create” or “claim” savings moments. We’ve seen students take pictures of themselves driving an alternate route to school to avoid eye contact with a fast food restaurant; drinking water instead of purchasing soda from the vending machine; using coupons and discounts to save money.

Even more powerfully, students are posting moments where they’ve resisted impulse buys: earning delayed financial gratification by avoiding a bad financial decision, but enjoying instant gratification in the form of likes and comments from peers.

Snaptrack is one of the 12 challenges issued through the app. Each challenge aligns with one of our four impact pillars: spending money mindfully, saving money, using financial products safely, and learning to earn money.

With MoneythinkMobile, we are bringing financial education into the real world. We are extending the learning opportunity beyond the classroom and putting it into the pockets of our youth. And we are deepening impact as we incentivize and track the “bellwether financial behaviors” that we believe signal financial health in our young adults.

Interested in bringing the technology to your program, class, or organization? Moneythink is inviting select partners to create their own challenge playlists (or adapt ours!) for their own students.

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