Our Approach

Our program combines time-tested learning techniques with evidence-driven innovations. Weekly sessions in small groups build trust and accountability between our volunteers and students. Our action-driven curriculum goes beyond learning to enable behavior change. And our use of mobile technology helps our students take tools home and extend learning beyond the classroom.

Two generations in the course of one.

We believe in the power of young people to change the world. In 2012, we declared our vision for a year 2030 in which every student enters adulthood equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate the financial decisions of the real world. That gave us 18 years–the course of a generation. By mobilizing college volunteers to mentor high school students, Moneythink impacts two generations in the course of one.

Meet Moneythink: Rakhee & Tumerra

See how first-year Moneythink volunteer Rakhee Jain was able to be become both a mentor and a role model for one of her students, Tumerra Daniels.

Practical foundations.

While our mentors are constantly innovating to drive impact through individualized learning, the core of our program is our practical, actionable approach, which aims to deliver necessary financial and career advice without losing students in unnecessary details.  Our 12-lesson Financial Capability Curriculum scaffolds student financial decision-making across four impact pillars: spending money mindfully; saving money; using financial products safely; and earning money.

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Technology-enhanced mentoring.

Moneythink uses mobile software to help youth take principles of financial capability from classroom and apply them to their lives. We believe that a combination of genuine in-person interaction, strengthened by technology that deepens engagement at the point of decision-making, is a recipe for impact.

We use financial capability technology to create youth opportunity at two critical stages: youth employment experiences in which students form their first habits for managing income, and college preparation experiences, in which students plan how to manage money for the biggest financial investment of their lives.

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One relationship at a time.

Moneythink’s focus on near-peer mentorship cultivates deep relationships and holds students accountable to their own dreams. Small group settings create an intimate, approachable atmosphere that fosters trust, openness, and effective learning. Mentors often write college recommendation letters for their students, and even stay in touch after the program ends.


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