Our Technology

Technology can catalyze the growth of financial capability.

Moneythink uses mobile software to help youth take principles of financial capability out from classroom to apply to their lives. We believe that a combination of genuine in-person interaction, strengthened by technology that deepens engagement at the point of decision-making, is a recipe for impact.

We use financial capability technology to create youth opportunity at two critical stages: youth employment experiences in which students form first habits for managing income, and college preparation experiences, in which students plan how to manage money for the biggest financial investment of their lives.

Moneythink Goals

For youth earning their first incomes, Moneythink Goals helps to build strong goal setting and habit design skills. With the support of mentor advising and a rigorous curriculum, Moneythink enables students to realize near-term financial dreams and build habits that will grow along with with their income.

College Calculator

For students preparing for college, Moneythink’s College Calculator helps students to prioritize their college options by accounting for circumstances that are mostly likely to lead to financial success and college completion. This tool is used within Moneythink’s college persistence curriculum, and is implemented in partnership with organizations that prepare high school students for college success.

User Focused Design

Across all of its tools and programs, Moneythink believes in the power of design to create solutions that fit our users needs. We practice a human centered design process, which ensure that we design with a problem oriented approach that is built for the context of our users. We believe that a focus on asking the right questions, listening closely to our users, and testing innovations rapidly is the only way to create impactful technology.

If you are an organization or individual that is interested in helping to create youth opportunity by designing for financial capability, we’d love to work with you.

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