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We believe that a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive world is not only necessary, but possible.

What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

When thinking about DEI in the simplest sense, our definitions are:
  • Respecting and celebrating the presence of different identities among members in a group.

    — Diversity

  • Ensuring that everyone, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, has access to the same opportunities.

    — Equity

  • Ensuring that all individuals, including those with marginalized identities, feel welcomed and valued.

    — Inclusion

Moneythink’s DEI Pillars


To truly encapsulate the meaning of diversity, we must ensure that we as a team are comprised of a multifaceted array of identities, characteristics, backgrounds, experiences, and dispositions. This enhances our ability to empathize with and effectively support the students we serve.

Open Dialog

At Moneythink, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment that evokes the inquisitive nature of our team members. This opens the doors for dialogs spanning a broad range of topics and enables us to engage in more challenging and meaningful conversation.


To change the world, we must begin by acknowledging the disparities that exist and taking action to improve them where we can. Within our team, we collectively choose to prioritize the deepening of our overall organizational expertise, and we continuously recommit to our shared values as a means to drive change.


We recognize the power we have as individuals in our daily actions and speech, and as an organization working toward the fulfillment of our mission. Through internal reflection and acknowledgement of the limitations of our personal experiences, we seek to broaden our perspective and thus become equipped to positively influence the people and communities around us.

Moneythink’s Dialog on DEI

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Putting DEI Into Practice

As an organization, we strive to live by and embody the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. A critical part of this work is ensuring that our team has a common knowledge and clear vocabulary to better understand the nuanced social norms designed to create and maintain power structures in the US. We offer all our employees DEI-centered PTO, including paid reading and reflection time off, as well as access to a dedicated reading budget. Moneythink employees are also granted a one week sabbatical to participate hands-on on racial justice activities each year. These investments inspire forward-looking ideas that we believe deepen our own work and better position our organization in driving powerful and transformative change. .

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