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Our team is comprised of motivated, empathetic individuals who are driven to help young aspiring scholars.

The Team

Joshua Lachs

Chief Executive Officer

Josh comes to Moneythink with extensive experience in the nonprofit, social enterprise, and higher education sectors. As a first-generation college student himself, Moneythink's mission deeply resonates with Josh, and he looks forward to leading the organization as they continue to support more students nationwide.

Mareko Prior

Director of Coaching Programs

Mareko, an alumna from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, doesn’t believe a student’s zip code should determine their likelihood of success. She proudly serves with Moneythink to create more equitable access to college and financial success across communities.

Nathan Ranney

Director of Product

Nate is dedicated to creating greater opportunity through education. He’s thrilled to work at the intersection of technology and meaningful user problems, and is excited to be part of an unstoppable team that is addressing an issue of critical importance for America.

Michael Jank

Director of Development

A Chicago native and Indiana University alum, Mike leads Moneythink's fundraising efforts, and partner and supporter engagement strategy, and is driven to help create greater equity in the education system. When not obsessing over how to better engage folks in our mission, he can be found playing soccer or riding his bike around Chicago.

Marcus Ma

College Coach

Marcus is a University of Washington-Seattle Alum and has served two terms in an Americorps funded program called Public Allies. Being a first-generation college student, he understands the challenges of navigating the college finance system. He is driven by this identity to serve the ongoing generations of college bound students and to create a more equitable future.

Amy Malinowski

UX / UI Design Lead

Amy is obsessed with designing experiences that empower high school and college students to have more confidence, more money, and less stress.

Ben May

Associate Product Manager

Former Moneythink Mentor and Ole Miss Moneythink Chapter President, Ben is driven by Moneythink’s dedication to improving the landscape of financial education in areas of need.

John Tamrat

College Coach

John is an alumna from the University of Leeds (UK) and Goshen College, Indiana. As a first generation immigrant to the United States, he understands how difficult it can be to navigate the US education system as a young person with limited resources and support. Moneythink's approach to tackling one of the biggest issues critical to the success of the next generation resonates deeply with John as he believes educational opportunity shouldn’t come at the cost of one's financial security.

The Board

Greg Nance

Chairman & Co-Founder

Greg loves to build things, tell stories, support others, and revel in nature. He brings vision, strategy, and education technology expertise to the organization.

Kevin Goldsmith


Kevin comes to Moneythink with a decade’s worth of experience as the Originations Manager for the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Group at Chase. As Moneythink’s Board Treasurer, Kevin helps guide the organization’s financial strategy and keep the organization financially healthy.

Sarah Gordon

Board Member

As a Vice President at the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), Sarah leads the organization’s efforts to foster promising product, service, and strategy innovations that advance consumer financial health.

Matt Taylor

Board Member

Matt joins Moneythink with an extensive background in nonprofits and social change. Before joining human-centered design firm IDEO.org, Matt was on the portfolio team at New Profit, where he helped social entrepreneurial organizations overcome barriers to scaling impact.

Ted Gonder

Board Member

In college, struck by the poverty around his ivy-decked campus, Ted co-founded Moneythink to help even the odds for local students. Over the next 10 years, Ted led the organization as CEO and guided Moneythink from a small, college financial literacy tutoring club, to a national ed-tech nonprofit. tgonder@moneythink.org

Young Professionals Board

Our Young Professionals Board includes promising leaders at some of the world’s top companies and graduate programs. Board members drive the organization forward through community engagement and strategic planning.

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