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Moneythink college financial coaches support students through the most crucial transition period of their lives, primarily through text and phone calls.

The Coaching Experience

Personalized Support

Informing students about their options isn't enough. Our personalized coaching nudges students to take the right actions at the right time.

Rapid Access

Getting in-person help from a formal advisor can take weeks. Help from Moneythink comes quickly, with no logistical barriers to get in the way.

Coaching Within Reach

Complete financial aid applications early and accurately.

Financial aid applications are complex, and errors can cause delays or reductions in aid.

Hey! It’s important you complete your FSA ID before you complete your FAFSA. Can you do it this week? Here is a guide: fsaid.ed.gov

Thanks! I'll try when I get home.

Apply to affordable, academically matched colleges.

Students don't know how much a college will charge them until after they're admitted. This makes it hard to know if you're applying to the right schools.

Did you see the list of affordable supportive colleges I sent you yesterday?

Yes, can you tell me more about Cal Poly?

Enroll in a college with the best support.

Financial aid award letters span the spectrum from confusing to misleading. Identifying the most supportive college and deciding how to use loans is a difficult task.

Hey! I just got a new financial aid letter from Troy. Some of the info is a little confusing. Could you help me figure out what all this means?

Absolutely! Email over the letter you received and we can schedule a call to review it. Are you free this evening?

Stay on track with enrollment tasks over the summer.

Up to 40% of students who intend to go to college never show up on the first day. The causes are often small and avoidable.

Your immunization form is due in two weeks. What is your progress on that?

Ok, thanks. I’ll schedule a doctor’s appointment this week.

Find college resources to get ahead of challenges.

In a new college environment, it's hard to know how or when to seek help. But there's lots of support available if you know where to look.

Let's make sure you get in to the classes you need. If you have any problems, reach out to your transfer advisor. I'll send you their email.

Thanks I’ll check that now.

"I feel like reminders show that my coach cares about what happens to my life... It's reassuring to know that somebody acknowledges that I'm doing work towards making it to college. It's extremely valuable."

Peony Teo, Grinnell College

Research-driven program design.

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