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We've built a tool to help students, their families, and the college advising ecosystem. www.decided.org

Moneythink's college affordability tool DecidED

The public, no cost version of our tool uses optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to transform award letter images into a clear and consistent format so students can:


Quickly and accurately understand their award.


Compare the affordability of their options, enabling an informed enrollment decision.


Know the full cost of college and be ready to pay for it.

The nation’s $1.6 trillion in student debt is fueled by opaque pricing in higher education.

And financial aid awards are a big part of the problem.

One sampling found that awards use 143 unique phrases to describe federal loans.

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Families can only know what a college will cost after receiving an aid award. But jargon, incomplete information, and misleading design prevent families from using them effectively.

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Less than 33% of award letters differentiate between aid & loans, making it difficult to know what families actually need to pay.

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Our solution helps all key stakeholders in college advising.

Students and families

clearly understand net cost and loans needed, so they can make an informed enrollment decision and plan to pay.

Advisors and counselors

Efficiently deepen their support on college finances and have conversations that de-risk dropout.

College planning services

Have access to an API that converts awards to structured data, enabling them to build their own features to support affordability, while collecting valuable information.


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Our DecidED tool is live for both students and advisors!

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