Born out of economic turmoil to inspire change.

Since 2008, Moneythink has pioneered leading approaches that bring financial capability to young adults.

Our Values

Start with an Understanding of Our Students

Effective design requires an understanding of our students and their contexts. We only invest in solutions that are validated by our students.

Bring Positivity to Complexity

Important problems are hard to solve. Optimism and creativity fuel our progress.

Hold High Standards

We hold a brightly burning motivation to achieve our vision, so we move fast, think critically, and hold ourselves accountable to ambitious goals.

Use Evidence to Make Decisions

To change the world, we must begin by understanding it. We improve our work with evidence from our experience and the broader field.

Cultivate Diversity and Inclusion

To reach our full potential, we must cultivate the diverse strengths, identities, and backgrounds of our team members, and support each other proactively to manifest our unique strengths. Our teams model the just and equitable world that we envision.

Advance the Field at Large

We’re on a mission to not only help our organization’s students but to transform the college success landscape. We share our insights and influence policy to achieve our vision at scale.

How it all started

We were founded by a small band of college students in the wake of the 2008 economic collapse.

Since then, our organization has grown to become a national community of change-agents working to even the odds for future generations. We’ve had the opportunity to provide life-changing college financial coaching to over 14,000 students. Read more about our journey.

An organization that celebrates its differences.

Learn more about how Moneythink puts DEI into practice.

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