About Us

Who we are and what we do

We help students understand their financial options and the impact of their choices so they can have the best chance for college and career success.

Students achieve success at all stages of their college journey with our support. We offer students free resources, including guides and technology tools, like DecidED.

Our Values

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Understand our students

Our work requires a deep understanding of our students, their backgrounds, and their needs. We only invest in solutions that are validated by the students we are aiming to help.

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Hold high standards

Eliminating student debt is an urgent problem, so we move fast, think critically, and hold ourselves accountable to ambitious goals.

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Cultivate DEI

We nurture the diverse strengths, identities, and backgrounds of our team members, and support each other to manifest our unique gifts. Read more about our commitment to DEI and how these initiatives impact our employees.

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Evidenced-based decisions

To change the world, we must begin by understanding it. We improve our work with evidence from our experience helping students and the broader field.

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Bring positivity to complexity

Important problems are hard to solve. Optimism and creativity fuel our progress and keep us moving toward an equitable future.

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Advance the field at large

We’re on a mission to not only help our organization’s students but to transform the college success landscape. We share our insights and influence policy to achieve our vision at scale.

Get to know us. Read our story to learn more about our history and achievements.