Our Work

About DecidED

Our free college comparison tool gives students an easy way to understand costs and other college fit factors.

DecidED helps students quickly and accurately understand the affordability of their college options without needing to do financial aid interpretation alone. Students learn how to fit college affordability into their long term goals.

How We Got Here

Confusion around financial aid award letters keeps students from making informed enrollment decisions, contributing to the nation’s student debt problem. Moneythink college financial coaches, in partnership with our product team, conducted numerous design experiments investigating better ways to present award letter information to students. A collaboration with Price Waterhouse Cooper data engineers and analysts produced our initial software to convert award images into a consistent, straightforward format that students could easily read and understand.

When my college sent me the award, I was like ‘what the heck is this?’ DecidED tells you how much aid you are getting, how much you are paying, and how affordable school is going to be — I think it’s really helpful.”

Jennifer, Moneythink Student, SFSU Class of 2023

Why We Created DecidED

DecidED helps students quickly and accurately assess the affordability of their college options without needing to do financial aid interpretation themselves. Students also begin to understand how to fit college affordability into their long term goals and needs.

Our research revealed a market gap Moneythink’s technology could fill — namely, the ability to convert financial award images into cohesive, understandable formats. As a nimble educational technology nonprofit, we knew it was up to us to bring DecidED to as many students as possible so they too could experience the positive immediate and long term impacts of our tool.

How DecidED Works

DecidED allows students to:

  • Understand: Quickly and accurately assess their award letter.
  • Decide: Compare the affordability of their options, enabling an informed enrollment decision.
  • Prepare: Know the full cost of college, learn about financial aid options, and develop a timely, responsible plan to pay for school.

DecidED Supports Everyone in the College Enrollment Process

Students and families:

DecidED allows users to clearly understand net cost and loans needed, so they can make an informed enrollment decision and plan to pay. Use DecidED for free.

Advisors and counselors:

Our tool enables student-advisors and counselors to efficiently deepen their support on college finances and have conversations that de-risk leaving school prematurely. Are you an advisor or counselor? Sign up to use DecidED with your students.

College planning services:

Moneythink provides training and support to organizations working in the college access space. By using DecidED, and collecting more transparent college cost and award information, organizations are able to scale up their impact. Learn more about bringing DecidED to your organization.

DecidED is free for students and advisors. Check it out.