Our Work

Why we do what we do

Shared prosperity. Economic mobility. Social capital for all. This is what Moneythink is about.

A college degree is a powerful engine for economic mobility, yet millions of students, especially historically marginalized and first generation students, lack access to transparent college cost information. This information is difficult to obtain, understand and compare. We believe the system should be simple, clear and empowering. Our work brings this vision to reality.

About Our Students

Our students come from unique and diverse backgrounds. Our students are aspiring, imaginative, gifted, creative, and powerful. Many are denied access to necessary systems, support and information during the college process. Roadblocks contribute to lack of opportunity and related student loan debt. We are here to remove barriers in the way of students’ success at this crucial stage of their life journey.

What Our Students Say:

From a student perspective, DecidED takes a lot of stress away.”

Danielle, High School Senior, Liv Mas Scholar 2021

If we are going to be honest, finances play a big role in choosing where you go whether you like it or not. Being able to afford college is what we need.”

Moneythink Student Alum, Pittsburg High School, Class of 2019

I never really talked about money with my parents. But with DecidED there’s an easier understanding of where the money is going and how you can pay for school. Having a whole list of where the money goes is really helpful so I’m not just thinking it’s going nowhere!”

Jacquelyn, Design Tech High School, Class of 2022

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