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Our years-long partnerships across industries enable us to magnify our impact.

Hannah Smith Moneythink's Director of Education Partnerships, working on a laptop

Moneythink partners with mission-aligned organizations and entities passionate about removing barriers that stand in our students’ way. Our education, design, and corporate collaborations help us deliver on our larger promise.

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Working with Moneythink means working on the root cause of the issue, not just creating a band aid solution.”

Meredith Curry, Executive Director, Northern California College Promise Coalition

Educational Partners

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  • Part of an organization or a high school that is supporting students on their college journey? We offer enterprise-level integrations and support. To learn more about how to seamlessly bring DecidED into your program, submit an inquiry. We will respond to you within two business days.
  • An individual advisor or college access provider? Sign up for a free DecidED Advisor account today.
  • Looking to work with us but your organization does not provide direct service or support to students? Reach out to our team at to further explore opportunities for collaboration.

We are proud to highlight a few of our partners:

Accelerators and Design Partners

Transformative progress requires leaders in technology, data, and design to work together.

DecidED Award Letter Translation API

Are you interested in adopting the DecidED API into your existing technology program or services? Contact us at to learn more about our pilot programs.

What Our Partners Are Saying

We chose the DecidED tool because of its ease of use for our students, families, and program staff. DecidED has simplified the tedious financial aid award letter comparison process by providing a complete digital analysis, allowing users to quickly assess the most competitive and affordable offers at-a-glance, and freeing up program staff time to engage in more accurately informed discussions with students about their college of choice.

Executive Director, California Student Opportunity and Access Program, San José Cal-SOAP (April 2021)

Moneythink empowers students and advisors to fully understand what college costs are. In a time where money can be a burden, the platform DecidED provides a transparent visual and breakdown of the costs students are expected to pay out of pocket, in loans, and more. THIS is what we need our students to know and THIS is what will help them financially clear on their investment.

College & Career Success Manager, Richmond Promise (June 2021)

We’re really excited about the tool that you’re building because it can be applied to a lot of different connections. It can streamline complicated conversations.

Counselor, rootED Alliance (February 2020)

I’m excited that some of the things I’m hoping to make visible to students (like career outcomes, college match, cost breakdown, true out-of-pocket cost, supportiveness) are included.

Graduate Support Advisor, De La Salle (February 2020)

DecidED covers a lot of the most basic things as well as some of the more complicated things. I haven’t seen a tool like this, it’s incredibly valuable.

Executive Director, Willamette University Academy Program (February 2020)

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