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Moneythink has resources to help you learn more about the issues surrounding student loan debt and how to navigate college financial planning.  From our case studies to the DecidED college finance guides to our blog, we have the information you need to learn more about college applications, financial aid, and what we do.


A collection of our research data and analysis of the impact of student loan debt on the economy.

“Financial Need & Ownership: Student Perspectives on Postsecondary Persistence”

About the report:

Moneythink conducted interviews with students across the country and compiled our findings in this report. We discovered that students who had a combination of emotional and personal support, had complex needs met, managed stress, and maintained a sense of ownership of their financial futures were most likely to graduate.

Key takeaways:

Cultivating a sense of financial ownership is important. Here are some ways you can create this foundation for yourself.

  • Work: a workload of up no more than 15 hours per week
  • Loans: make sure you understand the details of your loans, repayment information, and create plans to repay 15% of your salary post graduation
  • Scholarships: learn the details of your scholarships and make sure you understand eligibility requirements so you can obtain as much possible in scholarship aid
  • Housing: on-campus housing or housing near campus is ideal to cut down on commute times and eliminate unexpected transportation expenses

View and download our free report about what students say are their biggest financial stressors and see suggestions for overcoming common college financial challenges.

“Guidance in Support of College Decision Day”

About the report:

Getting into college is already difficult. And colleges often expect students to figure out how much their degree will cost and how they’re going to pay for school on their own. Moneythink offers some suggestions to help ease the process.

Key takeaways:

Cultivating a sense of financial ownership is important. Here are some ways you can create this foundation for yourself.

  • Learn how Moneythink defines college affordability and how to distinguish between affordable and unaffordable schools
  • What to do when your college is not affordable
  • How to use financial aid award letters to calculate the cost of attendance
  • Tips to approach outside scholarships… and more!

View and download our step-by-step guide on how to navigate the complex process of college enrollment and degree financing.

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