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Here are some ways you can contribute to helping us build a more equitable economy.

Join the solution! Your donation contributes to programs and solutions that benefit students. Donations come in many forms and we are grateful for any time or resources you may give.

Your Donation:

  • Is tax deductible
  • Supports new and continuing developments, like DecidED
  • Enables us to continue partnerships with schools, advisors and college-access organizations
  • Allows us to expand student outreach nationally
  • Will make a lasting impact in the lives of our students

Where Your Donations Go

Millions of college-aspiring students are struggling to receive adequate financial guidance and motivation, especially since Covid-19.

Here Are Ways You Can Help:

About 80 cents for every dollar donated goes directly to our programs that benefit our students and their communities.


helps us serve 25 students through our DecidED app.


helps us serve 250 students through our DecidED app.


helps us offer our DecidED Advisor Dashboard to 3 college counselors for free.


helps us serve 1,000 students through our DecidED app.


will magnify your impact! This amount helps us provide free financial education training to 20 public school counselors: serving an additional 10,000 students every year!

“Moneythink doesn’t let you give up. Even when you feel like there isn’t anybody there to support you, or nobody telling you ‘you can do it’. They can help you out and make you do great things.”

Gabby Davis, Malcolm X College

Magnify Your Impact

  • Company match: Many companies offer to match donations. Look into whether employer matching is available by using the Charity Navigator Search form. You may need to provide information such as Moneythink’s Tax ID (27-1052771), mailing address (1730 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA 94703) and an organizational contact (Joshua Lachs,

Other Ways To Give

There are plenty of other ways to donate your time and efforts to furthering our mission. Donations come in many forms and we are grateful for any time or resources you may give!

More ways you can help:

  • Consider giving a portion of your e-commerce sales to Moneythink. Once a donation is made to Moneythink, we will provide our EIN number (tax ID) so you can report the donation to your taxes. Contact us at to learn more about e-commerce donations.
  • Introduce DecidED to your school or team.
  • Help us spread the word about by following and promoting our social media posts. You can find us at @moneythink and @decidedapp.

Request a speaker
  • Invite us to speak at a college access or financial literacy event. Our speakers are experts in the financial literacy field and are passionate about sharing our results, tools like DecidED, and mission. Contact us at

Your generosity and support makes a tangible impact in our students’ lives.