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We’re creating services and tools to help the millions of resource-strapped students in America. Our approach is unique. These are the principles that guide us.

Don't give students more work.

We identify the most important barriers and do everything we can to remove them.

Interactions should be personalized, actionable, and timely.

Information alone is often intimidating. We deliver clear guidance at the right time to inspire action.

Every element of an interaction must be informed and validated by the behavior of students.

To us, being “human-centered” means hundreds of exposure hours and never delivering a support that hasn’t been informed and validated by our students.

Don’t require users to move to new tech platforms; meet them where they already are.

We believe in the power of tech but are tech agnostic. We engage students where they already are.

Case Study & Guides

Designing with and for students

Take a look at interviews with college students about their financial stress.

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Guidance in support of College Decision Day

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the complex process of college enrollment

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Moneythink advisor and student

Design with Us

Transformative progress requires leaders in technology, data, and design to work together. Below are some of the incredible organizations we’ve worked with. If you’d like to design with us, send an email to Nathan Ranney.

A scalable solution.

In order to meet the problem at scale, Moneythink is taking the guesswork out of college affordability.

Learn about our Award Comparison Tool